About Kapruka Today

Kapruka is Sri Lanka™s first and largest locally-owned e-commerce enterprise. Through its website, Kapruka E-commerce (Pvt) Limited, the company facilitates the online purchase of goods for the Sri Lankan and expatriate consumer base. The company has successfully backward integrated and sells its own-label products, predominantly Kapruka cakes, flowers, value-added fruits, and vegetables, produced under the name Kapruka Productions (Pvt) Limited. The Group partners with over 500 high-end brands and executes order fulfilment and last-mile delivery for its online orders. Kapruka strives to provide a non-marketplace model and a superior online shopping experience for consumers.

Kapruka is also Sri Lanka’s 1st Listed E-commerce Enterprise. Trading under the symbol (KPHL)

Service Beyond Borders

The company caters to over 1.1 million expatriate Sri Lankan customers, predominantly in the USA, who regularly use Kapruka to send gifts to their family and friends in Sri Lanka. Further, the Group offers Sri Lankan brands on global e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Walmart, becoming the exclusive e-distributor/e-commerce retailer for well-established brands such as Dilmah, Akbar, Link Samahan, etc. Serving expatriate Sri Lankan and global customers, Kapruka generates a dollar revenue stream. The company has its central office located in Colombo and has offices in the USA, the UK, and Australia.

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