Selling your current home can be tricky, especially if you’ve been residing there for a long period of time. It may be chock-full of countless memories and the spot where you’ve felt the most safe and secure. Nevertheless, the advantages of downsizing your home in Sri Lanka, are considerable. You might realize it is much easier to let go of your home when you are transitioning to a new one that has a lifestyle you really enjoy.

Understanding the Concept of Downsizing

Downsizing can be a great option if you’re looking to switch to a smaller home than the one you’re in right now. It’s a popular choice for those whose kids have moved out, who are finding it tough to keep up with their current home’s maintenance or are struggling with the associated costs. Typically, it involves moving from an abode with a certain amount of bedrooms to a place that has fewer.

Reasons for downsizing your home

Besides the common motives for downsizing, there are a few other reasons why some people opt for smaller homes.

These include:

  • Nearing retirement.
  • Being asset-rich but cash-poor.
  • Wanting to move somewhere better and thus willing to settle on size.
  • Health concerns necessitating simpler living arrangements.
  • Planning to travel oftentimes.
  • Bolstering retirement savings.

Pros and cons of downsizing your home in Sri Lanka

Ideally, one should weigh up the pros and cons to decide if downsizing is right for your individual circumstances.


Increased cash flow – Downsizing may free up funds for investing, spending, or paying off your mortgage.

Simpler to maintain — Cleaning and maintaining a smaller space requires less effort.

More practical — You can select fixtures and a layout that better suit your requirements, or a location that is nearer to family, transportation, and services.

Lower utility costs – A smaller home is generally less expensive to run resulting in comparatively low water and electricity bills.


Less room — Since there is less room for items in a smaller space, you might need to make some difficult decisions.

Less flexibility — Your new home might offer less solitude, fewer guest rooms, or less area for entertaining.

New neighbourhood — Finding new medical care and other professional services, as well as adjusting to a new location, may take some time.

Emotional connection – It might be hard to let go of your family home because it may be filled with many memories.

Factors to consider when choosing a new property

LOCATION – When purchasing a home, location is likely the most crucial factor to take into account. In most cases, a great location will continue to be valuable no matter how the future real estate market changes. Properties in a good location will remain a profitable investment.

NEIGHBOURHOOD – You should explore the neighbourhood as well as the potential site. Find out if the neighbourhood is suitable for families. It’s crucial to look for a home with welcoming neighbours and a cosy residential atmosphere.

INFRASTRUCTURE – The area’s basic infrastructure’s accessibility should be taken into account when purchasing a home. Check to see if essential infrastructures, such as easily accessible recreational parks, telephone and internet connectivity, and well-connected road and rail networks, are in place.


Along with downsizing your home, you should think about the bigger picture of what you hope to gain from the move. You should think about items that fit your needs as well as what will physically fit in your new space. Utilize the opportunity to reset and revamp presented by downsizing. You can stick to your plan and feel more enthusiastic about the process by being aware of your fundamental motivations and objectives. The reason why apartments are high in demand in Sri Lanka is that these days many people like to live in central locations.

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